Allo' I'm Missy.
I'm charismatic. I can't help it.
I like: The Black Keys, The Beatles, The White Stripes, Panic! At the Disco, Foo Fighters, Three Days Grace, Seether, Paramore, Fall Out Boy, Adele, Blue October, Green Day, and Blink 182.
Ask me if you want to know anything.


i actually have a fashion taste that is completly different from what i actually wear but i dont have enough confidence to wear what i really want to wear


Men are allowed to think body hair is unattractive

Women are allowed to think body hair is unattractive

Men and women are not allowed to tell other people how they should groom themselves just because of what they find personally attractive


wow remember when brendon was 19, drinking caprisuns, dating scene queens, and wearing lavender hoodies, and now he’s 27 and married and drinking beer, buying drugs, and getting naked on stage